Online Course How to Make Moonshine


Learn using practice-friendly texts, videos, pictures and graphics. You work at your own speed and anywhere you want. You can repeat the course as often as you want. One-time payment (not periodically), lifelong subscription.

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Learn by means of practice-friendly text, videos, pictures, graphics and calculations. You will see us at work in the videos, so that you can copy each work step exactly. In the online course you can learn the topics at your own speed and anywhere you want. You can repeat the course as often as you want. Following the large seminar, there is a test in which you can check your knowledge and you will receive a certificate.

The Large Online Course – The Homemade Moonshiner

Learn to make exquisite brandies, spirits and infusions step-by-step. The complete seminar is comprised of approximately 24 lesson units. You will be guided through the complete production process from harvesting the fruit, making your own mash, distillation through to storage and bottling. Besides numerous recipes and detailed examples, you will also find chapters on troubleshooting, constructing a moonshine still, calculations, dilution (alcohol dilution calculator) as well as printing templates for mash logs and labels.

Program Overview

  • Distillation
    • Harvesting and preparing the fruit
    • What containers can I use?
    • How do I prepare my own mash?
    • What problems can arise when making a mash and what can be done?
    • Starch fermentation
    • Distillation: What is distilled? How are heads and tails separated?
  • Spirits
  • Infusions
  • Dilution
  • Storing and bottling distillates
  • Stills
    • What types of stills are there?
    • How do you construct a schnapps still?
  • Chemical analysis
    • Measuring the alcohol content of the distillate and mash
    • pH measurement
    • Analysis of heads
  • Calculations
  • Troubleshooting
  • Recipes
  • Sample exercises on all main topics
  • Templates for printing
  • Lexicon
  • Test

Learning Goals of the Online Course

  • You will understand the formation of ethanol and know the individual parameters that influence optimal fermentation.
  • You will be able to make mashes from all types of fruit – both high-grade as well as conventional mashes.
  • If problems arise during the fermentation process, you will be able to recognize the cause and take suitable countermeasures.
  • You will have the knowledge to design simple stills and recognize a correctly built still when buying.
  • You will be able to undertake distillations with all types of mashes.
  • You will be proficient at separating heads and tails.
  • You will be able to make a wide variety of mixtures for spirits. You will be able to develop your own gin recipes, absinth recipes and also your own creations.
  • You will be able to dilute any alcohol concentration to the desired alcohol strength.
  • If clouding or the like occurs during dilution, you will be able to take suitable countermeasures, or alternatively you will know several causes of clouding and whether it is positive or unwanted.
  • You will be able to calculate the amounts of two liquids with different alcohol contents for a mixture with desired alcohol concentration and quantity.
  • You will be able to bottle distillates in a visually attractive way.
  • Use the training to become self-employed in terms of distilling fine brandies.

How does the Online Course Work?

  • Start the online course immediately after registration.
  • You can repeat the online course as often as you want.
  • You will be given lifetime access to the online course.
  • For the complete online schnapps distillation seminar it takes about 20 hours.
  • For beginners and advanced students
  • Technical requirements: Smartphone, tablet or desktop and a web browser.
  • Price: 290.- Euro