Online Course Vinegar Making


Learn using practice-friendly texts, videos, pictures, and graphics. You work at your own speed and anywhere you want. You can repeat the course as often as you want. One-time payment (not periodically), lifelong subscription.

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Learn by means of practice-friendly texts, videos, pictures, graphics, and calculations. You will see us at work in the videos, so that you can copy each work step c exactly. In the Online Vinegar Making Course you can learn the topics at your own speed and anywhere you want. You can repeat the course as often as you want. Following the large seminar, there is a test in which you can check your knowledge and you will receive a certificate.

The Large Online Vinegar Making Course

Learn how to make high-quality vinegar step by step. The complete seminar is comprised of approximately 24 lesson units. You will be guided through the entire production process from alcoholic fermentation, making a mother of vinegar, correct acidification, vinegar fermentation, and the alcohol & acetic acid analysis. Besides numerous recipes and accurate examples, you will also find chapters on dealing with problems, constructions of a vinegar generator as well as numerous recipes for using the vinegar (kitchen, household, health, etc.).

Program overview

  • The fermentation of vinegar
    • Surface processes
      • How to produce vinegar with simple fermentation techniques
      • Improved procedure for a significant increase in quality: the correct alcohol/acid ratio at the start, the use of the vinegar mother, nutrient salts, and detailed implementation
    • Generator processes
      • Which packing materials are suitable for use
      • Starting up a vinegar generator
      • The accurate spray schedule
      • The fermentation process
      • How to produce more vinegar
  • The vinegar equipment
    • Equipment for surface processes
    • Vinegar generator for trickling processes
  • Producing and cultivating mother of vinegar
  • How do you make an alcoholic fermentation
  • All calculations required for the production and analysis of vinegar
  • How must the vinegar be post-treated?
  • What problems can occur during fermentation and what can be done about them
  • The analysis when producing vinegar
    • Determination of acidity
    • Determination of alcohol content
  • Recipes for vinegar production
  • Typical applications for vinegar
  • Exercises & examples for all main topics
  • Encyclopedia
  • Test

Learning goals

  • You will understand how vinegar is made and know the various parameters that influence optimal fermentation.
  • You can produce mashes from all kinds of fruit and juices – both high-grade and conventional mashes.
  • You know how to ferment alcoholic liquids into vinegar – using both surface and trickling methods.
  • If problems occur during the fermentation process, you can identify the cause and take appropriate countermeasures.
  • You know how to design simple vinegar generators and how to recognize a correctly built apparatus when you buy it.
  • You can produce fermentated vinegar, vinegar with aromatic packing material, balsamic vinegar and infused vinegar.
  • You will master the production of different mixtures for fermentation vinegar such as apple vinegar with sloes. You also have the knowledge to develop your own creations.
  • You have learned how to analyze vinegar, you can determine both the acetic acid and alcohol concentration.
  • You know the various calculations and formulas for vinegar production and you can do the calculations.
  • Use the training to become self-employed in the field of vinegar production.

How Does the Online Vinegar Making Course Work?

  • Start immediately after registration
  • You can repeat the course as often as you like
  • You have lifelong access to the course
  • For the complete online essential oil seminar you need approx. 24 hours (only theory, not the practice).
  • For beginners and advanced students
  • Technical requirements: Smartphone, tablet, or desktop and a browser.
  • Price: 290.- Euro