Webinar: Preparation of a Fruit Mash


Duration: 01:14:51
Lecturer: Dr. Helge Schmickl

  • How to prepare a proper alcoholic fruit mash for distillers and vinegar producers
  • Conventional and high-grade mashes
  • How to avoid the formation of heads
  • Necessary ingredients
  • Carrying out the preparation of three mashes
  • Downloadable webinar materials & fermentation logs (PDF)
  • Access to the recording
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Learn within one hour how to prepare a fruit mash for distillers and vinegar producers. Besides the theoretical part, you can watch the preparation of three different fruit mashes: conventional apple mash, high-grade apple mash and high-grade apple mash with juniper berries.


  • How to prepare the fruit to avoid the formation of heads
  • Necessary ingredients and equipment for a proper alcoholic mash
  • Preparation of a conventional mash
  • Preparation of a high-grade mash
  • Checking progress, troubleshooting
  • Development of alcohol content
  • After the explanation of the complete theory, the preparation of three different mashes is shown in practice
  • Downloadable webinar notes (11 pages, PDF) & fermentation logs (4 PDFs)

Learning Goals

  • Preparation of a heads-free fruit mash
  • You know how to recognize and fix fermentation problems

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