Webinar: Get Your Essential Oil in 1 Hour


Duration: 1:06:54
Lecturer: Dr. Helge Schmickl

  • Producing essential oils and hydrosols by steam distillation
  • Step-by-step guide
  • LIVE performance of 4 different oil distillations: lavender, rosemary, anise, cloves
  • Including a downloadable script and access to the recording.
  • lifetime access, one-time payment (not periodically).
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Learn within one hour how to perform a steam distillation and how to produce essential oils & hydrosols by yourself. The presented theory is applied in practice by the performed distillations.


  • Which plant material can be used
  • Preparation of the plant material, like crushing, drying, etc.
  • How to fill the still properly
  • The distillation process itself
  • Separation of the essential oil from the hydrosol
  • The entire theory will be explained while 4 different distillations are running. So you’ll see live all theoretically explained steps turned into practice.
  • Downloadable webinar notes (8 pages, PDF)

Learning Goals

  • Recognizing the most important plant materials which are suitable for steam distillation
  • You know when to harvest the plants and how to prepare them to maximize the essential oil yield and to receive the most intense hydrosol.
  • How to fill a still properly.
  • Perform a steam distillation independently
  • Separating the essential oil from the aqueous layer.

How will the Webinar Work?

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  • You can retake the webinar as many times as you like.
  • You will also receive a script (PDF) to download and print out.
  • Unlimited lifelong access
  • For beginners and advanced subscribers.
  • Technical requirements: smartphone, tablet, or desktop, no matter the operating system, and an installed browser.